In The No Surprises Department—Obama's DHS Hires Have No Law Enforcement Background...But Neither Did Bush's
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The Daily Caller has identified several current and former DHS officials serving under the Obama Regime that have no law enforcement background, much less any immigration law enforcement background.  Basically a cadre of political hacks are running the agency whose primary mission is protecting the United States from terrorist attack and enforcing immigration and customs laws.

The Daily Caller May 14, 2012 by Matthew Boyle

Senior Homeland Security Staffers Have No Law Enforcement Experience

President Barack Obama’s Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, has presided over the hiring of at least four senior staffers and advisers who have no law enforcement experience but align politically with the president.

Jordan Grossman was a special adviser and deputy to the deputy chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, for instance, yet his resume shows no law enforcement experience. Before Grossman got his post in January 2009, he was a “special assistant” at the Obama-Biden presidential transition team after working for Obama’s 2008 election campaign.

Before that, Grossman worked as a research assistant at the Annenberg Public Policy Center, a communications think tank at the University of Pennsylvania. Grossman also interned for the left-wing Center for American Progress, and for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

He lists no law enforcement experience on his resume, even though the Obama administration had hired him into a senior law enforcement role. Grossman has since left his government position for to attend Harvard Law School.

Vladimir Skoric serves as a “special assistant” to the Homeland Security “deputy under secretary for cybersecurity.” Skoric began his career in politics in May 2007 as a “volunteer coordinator” at Obama For America. He then interned for Washington Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and served as Obama For America’s Washington, D.C. youth director.

But what the Daily Caller missed was that none of the top Bush or Obama DHS or ICE officials had law enforcement experience either.  Michael Chertoff, the first DHS secretary was a lawyer, Janet Reno Napolitano, the current Secretary of DHS, is a lawyer and politician, Julie Myers, the first head of ICE and later lobbyist for illegal alien employers, was a lawyer with a previous political appointment at the Department of Commerce Office of Export Controls, John Morton, the current head of ICE, is a lawyer, Alan Bersin, failed nominee for the Commissoner of Customs and Border Protection, was a lawyer, not trained and experienced law enforcement managers.  The only major position held in DHS by an experience immigration law enforcement officer, Acting Commissioner of CBP, David Aguilar, turned out to be a Mexican more concerned with administering amnesty and aiding illegals than enforcing the law.  Aguilar, it must be noted ,was steadily promoted by the Bush Administration, undoubtedly enamored with Mexicans and the Rove strategy of a failed appeal to Mexican voters. 

It is clear that a not so secret cadre of lawyers have been administering an ongoing amnesty for illegal aliens through both the Bush and Obama Regimes.  It is time to replace lawyers at law enforcement agencies with law enforcement professionals and in the case of DHS, promote only from within.  No outside law enforcement agency has any immigration enforcement duties and is just not capable of managing an immigration law enforcement strategy.  It is also important that those with close connections and loyalties to other nations should not be in DHS, much less managing major components.

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