In Re Tennessee Lawyer's disgust: Ask: Why?
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More than a few readers were disgusted by the story supplied in today’s letter by ”A Tennessee Lawyer” informing us of ongoing legal seminars being offered to train lawyers and employers to navigate the visa regulations and bring cheap labor into this country — in the midst of the biggest employment crisis in at least a generation.

The supplier of these seminars is one Carl Shusterman whose firm, ”The Law Offices of Carl Shusterman” is apparently one of the most powerful immigration law firms in the country.

Mr. Shusterman is apparently a true believer, not just a lawyer doing a job. His website currently features a scrolling news story ”ICE’s Big Boondoggle” a highly tendentious account of the recent funding boost to the National Fugitive Operations Program (NFOP). His political contributions are what you would expect.

While apparently publicity hungry, Mr. Shusterman is secretive about his email address. However, it has been supplied to us by an unenthusiast. Ask Carl Shusterman how he can justify spending a career undermining the living standards of his fellow Americans, particularly at this time? E Mail: [email protected] (Please be appropriately polite.)

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