In Other News...
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The potential next President of Mexico and current second most important government official, 37-year-old Interior Minister and point man in the drug wars, Juan Camilo Mouri?±o Terrazo, died as his LearJet crashed into bumper to bumper traffic on the most important street of Mexico City. The AP has the story here.

The Lear jet, carrying three crew members, Mr. Mouri?±o and four of his aides, came down on busy Reforma Avenue about 6:45 p.m., scattering wreckage over a vast area.

”It fell on top of all the traffic, which you know is completely stopped,” said Arturo S??nchez Rios, a food vendor. ”I saw 10 to 15 cars explode in a manner of seconds.”

Giant flames soared into the night sky but there were no immediate reports of deaths on the ground. Officials said nearly 2,000 people were evacuated from area office buildings.

I wrote about him last January here.
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