In Missouri, Official English Strengthened
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If you're looking for  some good news from the recent elections, there is some available. This is from a November 5th bulletin from the U.S. English organization :
"Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved H.J. Res. 7 yesterday, strengthening the state’s official English law. The measure passed with more than 85 percent of the vote, as 2.4 million Missourians cast ballots in favor of the measure. The approved measure makes English the official language of all official proceedings in Missouri, including the discussion of public business and roll call votes. It does not affect informal gatherings, social events, and as with all official English legislation, does not affect emergency services. H.J.Res. 7 earlier passed the Missouri House and Senate by better than 3-to-1 margins and had the support of both candidates for governor."
The final results of the presidential election in Missouri have still not been officially declared (see here) but it appears that McCain squeaked by Obama at 49.4 to 49.3 percent of the vote. And that means the majority of Obama voters in Missouri also voted for Official English.
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