In Israel, They're Calling It The Mexican Flu
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From Evan Coyne Maloney, the producer/director of Indoctrinate U
Pick your brackets and put down your money!

We now have brewing an epic battle that will determine the relative importance of three different groups: Jews, Muslims and Mexicans.

You see, in the Hierarchy of Multiculturalism, when the interests of different identity groups conflict, the arbiters of political correctness must decide which group has the most victim cred. That’s how such disputes are settled: to the victim go the spoils.

Today’s battle involves the name of the influenza virus that’s currently causing worldwide panic. ”Swine flu.” Say it with me: swine flu.

Do you feel a little dirty? No? How insensitive of you!

The term ”swine flu” is apparently offensive to both Muslims and Jews, a pretty impressive bank-shot of an insult if you ask me.

So to alleviate this grave injustice of nomenclature, an Israeli health official proposes renaming the virus ”Mexican flu.”[Naming the Swine Flu: a Battle of P.C. Hierarchy]

That's not going to be popular with La Raza or the Wall Street Journal.

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