In Baltimore, Social Justice = War
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From CBS in Baltimore:

It’s the deadliest month Baltimore has seen in more than 15 years. More than two dozen shootings over the holiday weekend alone have city police working around the clock.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, following the indictments of six Baltimore cops, the other cops are “working” a large fraction of each shift in the donut shop. That’s what happened when social justice came to NYC with Mayor John Lindsay in 1965. You can’t violate anybody’s civil rights while stopping for a donut.

Now, leaders hope community members come forward to help stop the violence.

From West Baltimore, to the East Side, Govans, to Reservoir Hill – a spike in weekend violence is plaguing all parts of the city. Over the Memorial Day Weekend alone – city police report 28 shootings and 9 homicides.

But the cops didn’t shoot anybody, so who cares?


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