In a Vegetative (Nation)-State
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In Han Kang's novella, The Vegetarian, a young woman suddenly becomes repulsed by the reality that humans must take the lives of others in order to survive. (She has a violent dream.) So she becomes a vegetarian, but eventually she decides she must leave the murderous human race altogether and become a tree.

I have a new piece up at Radix on the similarities between this disturbed woman and the West's collective mindset. [Taking the Narrow View, March 18, 2016]The West's slackening will to survive—i.e. its refusal to end mass immigration—was not caused by a nightmare. In fact, while the results for both are the same, the causes are very different. Yeong-he (the woman in the novella) is reacting against an immediate "danger." The West on the other hand, is not reacting because the danger is not immediate.

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