In 65% Non-White Houston, TX, Black Mayor Begs Criminals to "Stay at Home and Chill" During China Virus Pandemic
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At first, the reality of post-America was only confined to 70 percent black Baltimore, where the black mayor begged citizens to stop shooting each other to make room for Coronavirus patients in hospitals. But now the same scenario is found in Houston, Texas, a 35 percent white city where the black mayor is asking criminals to “stay at home and chill” during the pandemic.

Coronavirus: Mayor mocked for urging criminals to ‘stay at home and chill’ during pandemic: ‘Wait ’til the coronavirus is over and then we’ll all be okay’, The Independent, March 31, 2020

The mayor of Houston has been mocked for telling criminals to “chill”, amid the coronaviruspandemic.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, mayor Sylvester Turner said the safest place for criminals to be during the outbreak is at home.

“Until the coronavirus is resolved, criminals take a break. Okay. Stay home. Stay home and don’t commit any crimes,” said the mayor.

“That way they stay safe and out of jail, and police officers will stay safe and go home to their families. Okay, everybody chill. Crooks, criminals, you chill.”

Mr Turner added: “Wait ‘til the coronavirus is over and then we’ll all be okay.”

Diversity is our greatest… detriment.

There’s no reason sugarcoat it anymore. There’s no strength in diversity, only calamity.

If only our elected officials put the interests of the law-abiding first, understanding criminals deserve nothing but our contempt… odds are even non-whites would approve.

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