Importing Terrorism, Again
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Via Clayton Cramer’s BLOG and Michelle Malkin, I see that an Egyptian College student in Tennessee has been arrested in possession of “an airline pilot’s uniform, a chart of Memphis International Airport and instructional D-V-D’s. One was titled “How an Airline Captain Should Look and Act.” [Associated Press: Egyptian national ordered held until trial]

Cramer note that a Google search for "Mahmoud Maawad " brings up as a first result, which is now defunct.

I'm probably more used to using the Internet Archive than he is, so it was no trouble to pull the old page up:

The message signed Mahmoud Maawad simply said:

[email protected]

. i union with you and i completely agree

Mahmoud Maawad engineenering student in USA

If you want to know the kind of thing he's agreeing with, it's mostly radical Islamic politics like this:

Dear Br. Magdy,

Jazaka Allah for all your Jihad. I know its only wishful thinking, but Ill vote to impeache the entire regimes of all arab states, with the exception of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Theyre doing such a good job that any arab leader who as a bit of dignity should be ashamed of himself, or if he has more dignity should shoot himself.

If you look at the messages of the young Islamic radicals, you can see that they hate and despise Mubarak and any Arab leader who is at peace with the United States.

They would probably be in favor of assassinating or otherwise overthrowing him, and replacing him with a more terror-friendly President of Egypt. But Mubarak is fairly safe from these guys. You want to know why?

Because they're living in the United States and Canada.

Here are some of the letter writers signatures:

    • a muslim youth from USA..
    • support you from Canada
    • Muslim from USA
    • abdalla mohammedU S A
  • An Egyptian who loves his country Abdulah El Masry, America

Why is immigration policy importing people who hate America? And why are American taxpayers subsidizing foreign "engineenering" students who can't spell engineering?

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