Importing Mexican Crime (Update)
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The drug war anarchy that started in Mexican border towns between the Gulf and Juarez cartels is headed our way.

A U.S. investigator in Laredo told The Dallas Morning News' Tracey Eaton that President Vicente Fox's federal police "are spectators, waiting for Fox's sexenio [six-year term] to end. ... We're looking at a bloody summer, and things may get nasty not just here, but in other cities, including Houston and Dallas." As I noted earlier on , the Gulf cartel's Zetas (former military) are already operating in Dallas where they are blamed for at least three drug-related murders. In just the last few days, the meltdown of law in Nueva Laredo has been nearly total. The city's courageous new police chief, Alejandro Dominguez, was assassinated six hours after taking the job by drug traffickers demonstrating their power. Then the federal police and local police "swapped gunfire" Saturday as the feds entered into the city. Most recent reports say the federal police and Mexican troops have taken over Nuevo Laredo.

Meanwhile, President Bush and other elites are working tirelessly to remove borders and create a unified North America for "continental security." Of course, one of America's worst security threats comes from Mexico, with its relentless crime, corruption and violence.

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