Importing Cruelty
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Nice of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to notice the savagery to little girls that often accompanies immigration from certain African countries [Ancient rite or a wrong? Jane O. Hansen, March 2, 2005]. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a topic from which the MSM usually runs in horror: the out-and-out torture of children by hacking out their private parts with rusty implements is no recommendation for the multicultural ideology that all societies are morally equal.

The AJC reporting goes beyond the usual denial and admits There Is a Problem with FGM among immigrants.

"Yes, it is in the community," says Laila Mohamed, who until last month was a caseworker for Refugee Family Services in Clarkston, where she worked with women from Somalia, Ethiopia and other African countries. "Most of the women still are believing in this tradition."

Somalia is a particular abuser in terms of FGM prevalence, with 98 percent of children so mutilated. Yet the State Department continues to include the country in the offensive Diversity Visa lottery, with 364 lucky winners for 2005.

The government tries to prevent individual torturers from entering the country, and has lately deported, for example, the human rights monster Kelbessa Negewo of Ethiopia who is a convicted murderer and torturer.

But why then does the United States continue to welcome entire cultures in which the torture of children is the norm? It's morally unacceptable for America to import the world's most brutal child abuse and call it diversity.

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