Impeach Mayorkas Already!
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There’s been a debate over impeaching Mayorkas. The Republicans know that even if they vote to impeach, then they will not have the votes to convict in the Senate. Did that stop the Democrats when they impeached Trump twice?

They tried once over a phone call legitimately asking for an investigation of the corrupt Biden family and once after he was out of office for a protest that he didn’t even attend. Both attempts were flat out silly.

When I was with the Border Patrol, I remember an Agent pondering whether or not to fill out the memo requesting a detail. ”I’d really like to go, but I don’t have enough seniority. They’ll never give me an honest shot,” said the one. Another Agent responded, ”Of course you put in for it. It gives you ’bitchin rights.’ Each time a detail comes up that you want you put in for it even if they are going to say No. Then, you walk around the office saying ’I put in for all these details and I never get any of them.’ The supervisors know who has been volunteering for details. Eventually, they feel like they have to let you have one.” Putting in for details you know you won’t get was a little like psychological manipulation. It wore down the supervisors like a nagging child’s request for a toy.

In a way, it’s a little like impeachment even if you know the Senate won’t convict. It’s about the psychology. First off, like being audited by the IRS, the process itself is disruptive to your business. It takes time out of your day to defend. (Ask VDare about lawfare). However, on top of it, the Democrats in the Senate will have to vote not to convict Mayorkas. This is a referendum on open borders. The Democrats will have to run in 2024 on an open borders ticket and that’s not popular except in Martha’s Vineyard, where they know how to deport people to the mainland.

This will also keep the news of the open border in the headlines, something the legacy media does not want to have to cover. They minimize it, ignore it, and if they absolutely have to cover it, they interview a lone illegal alien family and try to get a nice long bio of how poor and sweet they are, thus ignoring the stories of all the gangbangers, criminals, or even innocent American victims who also have life stories.

Face it, regular Americans are not human beings to these people.

So, what’s taking so long? Impeach already. Don’t stop with Mayorkas. Do it with FBI Director Wray and keep impeaching even if you know it will fail. It will finally dawn on the American public that there is something there. We aren’t bitchin’ for no reason.

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