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From the terrific idea for a Website category: Immigrationcounters.Com

I like this Website!

I have no clue who these people are, (although the writing style is familiar) but they have done a great job in providing a one stop source of real-time information to people who do not study illegal immigration and its consequences all day.

On the site, one can see the real time estimates of such bothersome little details as the number of illegals in the U. S (more on that further down), the amount of money wired to Mexico, the cost of social services to illegal "immigrants" ( the proprietors seem a tad timid on using the legal and correct term for an alien who is present in our Republic illegally), illegals enrolled in public schools, illegals incarcerated - along with the cost of that incarceration, and the number of fugitives who have escaped the Bush Administration's vast dragnet (cough).

Hooray! Kudos to whoever did this!

Pass this around to the "I don't follow politics" crowd. Amaze your friends and family!

I do have a bone to pick: On the number of illegals in country, not that it matters, but, it has been done before - and I believe more accurately.

Posted on The American Resistance Foundation Website (now in hibernation ) in the fall of 2004, we have our own illegals-present counters with a beginning figure that was about twice as high as was being accepted at the time.

We got a lot of …ummm….resistance.

While we have adjusted the counters to match new information along the way, we stand by the current estimation of nearly 30 million people who are allowed to live in the U.S. illegally.

We are flattered that is using similar logic that we use and was illustrated on in August of 2004.

They even cite the independent report from Bear Stearns. It should be noted that the Bear Stearns study was done in 2004 and released in 2005, making their estimation of 20 million illegal aliens here two and a half years old.

Illegal border crossings and visa overstays never stop. Right Mr. President?

Feel safer?

The as yet unknown hosts of this site acknowledge as much:

"On the high end of the spectrum are some private groups that randomly select single sources of data, such as an interview with a border patrol agent or with one elected official. Those sources have placed the numbers around 30 million. Until more data is provided, does not yet side with the 30 million figure, yet notes that it may indeed be that high".

Respecfully, I think maybe the writer should re-read our methodology, which my friend Fred Elbel has spent considerable time illustrating, and acknowledge that the "one elected official" that we cite is one of the main backers of amnesty-again…Arizona Senator John McCain.

I enjoy putting his letter on how many people he thinks crossed our borders illegally in 2002 out as much as possible.

The point is that not many who study the crisis really believe the MSM/Senate/White House/illegal alien lobby ( sorry, I repeat myself ) commonly used figure of "11 million", which is what the present amnesty-again attempt is based upon.

You know all of the information that is out about how bad the effects of the proposed amnesty are for America?

They are based on the 11 million figure.

Use which ever figure you want, 20 million, 30 million, the point is that 11 million is a very dangerous fairy tale and that if amnesty-again goes through, the results will be two or three times a bad as the worst scenarios being hidden by Bush and his accomplices. should become a much used resource for anyone who wants to illustrate the un-spoken consequences of the fact that five years after 9/11, we have virtually open borders, are losing the rule of law upon which our nation was founded and that we are paying for the privilege of watching the third world migrate into our children's nation.

Si? I wonder how many VDARE readers will send a link to this site to their U.S. Senators?

I am.

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