Immigration Sticker Shock is just starting
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Gail Russell Chaddock at the Christian Science Monitor writes of the Kennedy immigration travesty: "A government study puts the cost of the Senate's version of reform at $127 billion over 10 years."

Now, in reality that economic analysis looks only at a small portion of the costs. Essentially what they are looking at is increases in entitlement spending. The problems include that they aren't looking at factors including:

    Costs associated with likely increases in illegal immigration following yet another amnesty.

    Increases in crime and disease following looser border control.

    Costs of decreasing wages to an already strapped American working class.

That $127 Billion estimate is very much a best-case scenario. NSF and my own previous analysis put the estimated costs at closer to $100K/illegal immigrant-which might mean the $127 Billion estatimate is more than an order of magnitude off.

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