Immigration Outrage Reaches Common Dreams
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Nicole Gaouette writes at Common Dreams and the Los Angeles Times:

Conservative anger at the Senate immigration bill is at such a pitch that even Republican lawmakers are feeling the heat. Groups like NumbersUSA have been channeling that grass-roots fury and, in doing so, have leaped in size and are playing a larger role in the immigration debate than ever before.

Most polls show that though Americans are concerned about border security, a majority favor finding a way to allow most now in the country illegally to gain legal status.

My own reply at Common Dreams:

There were problems with this article that are common in Corporate Media coverage of immigration.

Skepticism around immigration is present in both parties-and on both sides of the political spectrum. The wealthy tend to support looser immigration policy-and that has reflect in strong institutional support for loose immigration policy.

The claim that most Americans support amnesty is also questionable. The only choices in those polls are typically a rapid, potentially disruptive deportation or amnesty. Many other polls show that most Americans want less immigration. However, there are quite a few Americans that want less immigration that are quite concerned that the price of enforcement of immigration regulations doesn't fall solely on poor people. It is time to consider a wider range of options for containing immigration-including improving the jobs situation in Mexico and use of financial incentives to help illegal immigrants to return to their home countries.

This is a problem that won't just go away. This issue goes far deeper than simply activism on the part of a few vocal organizations.

It should be noted the LA Times is a publication dependent on corporate advertising. One of the big beneficiaries of the recently proposed legislation are employers that get a de facto amnesty. There are now over $250 Billion in uncollected employer fines for immigration violations.

I would point readers to the lengthy comment by mrivera, which was especially interesting.

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