Immigration News: More Border Wall Built And More Bad Hombres Busted
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America’s fight against criminal aliens is waged on two fronts: at the border to keep them out, and within the United States, to expel the ones who have made it in. There has been good news on both fronts.

The Trump administration hoped to build 450 miles of new southern border wall in 2020, and may actually build more. On September 29, Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott announced that since January:

  • 341 new miles of wall have been built
  • 240 new miles of wall are under construction
  • 157 new miles of wall are in the “pre-construction process”

The rate of construction is speeding up, now averaging ten miles per week. The Department of Homeland Security has produced several graphics that illustrate progress:

CBP Border Wall Update

CBP Border Wall Update

Meanwhile, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has nabbed dangerous Hispanics.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, ICE arrested 12 illegal aliens, including:

Elder Amador-Lopez, a twice-deported Guatemalan charged with DWI and Assault on a Female.

Jose Ruiz-Quintero, a Nicaraguan ordered deported in August 2019, charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury.

In and around Chicago, ICE arrested 88 illegal aliens, including:

  • Octavio Plata—A Mexican with a prior DUI and a sexual assault charge
  • Hector Gomez-Gutierrez—A twice-deported Mexican gangbanger with several felony convictions.
  • Alfonso Orozco-Gaspar—Another twice-deported Mexican gangbanger with prior convictions.
  • Juan Alberto Gonzalez-Ayala—A once-deported Mexican with a conviction for attempted first degree murder.

In Denver, Colorado ICE arrested one of its ten most-wanted: Joseph Toro-Zaldivar, below, a once-deported Honduran with pending charges for Assault on a Peace Officer, Strangulation, Felony Menacing with a Weapon, Disarming an Officer, Assault, Criminal Mischief, and Resisting Arrest.

In California, ICE arrested Josue Gamaliel Vidal Quintanilla, a middle-school teacher and child pornographer.

  • “Vidal was arrested after he admitted using various online platforms to send, receive and possess child pornography . . . Vidal used Kik Messenger and Snapchat for the past year to transmit child pornography.”
  • “Vidal also admitted he posed as a minor boy on the internet and solicited ‘many’ minors – some as young as 10 years old – to engage in sexually explicit behavior in online meetings.”
  • “A preliminary search of Vidal’s Toshiba laptop revealed approximately 20 image files depicting the sexual exploitation of children, as well as multiple video files with titles indicative of child pornography.”
  • “A preliminary review of online accounts [used by Vidal] found communications that Vidal engaged in where he sent and received child pornography images and videos as well as sent hyperlinks to downloadable child pornography videos.”

As always, ICE and Border Patrol deserve our unwavering support. Let’s hope they keep up the good work.

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