Immigration Headlines [6 ITEMS!]—Tyson Foods Kills American Jobs, Illegals’ Gun Rights, AOC’s District Overrun, And Immigrants Cooking RATS In NYC
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Unlike the Genesis song “(It’s No Fun Being An) Illegal Alien,” it may not be fun, but membership has its privileges.

See this video:

One guy’s reaction:

A few years back, we busted some illegal aliens working at a large greenhouse, where they would grow tomatoes among other vegetables. One of my colleagues had actually worked for the greenhouse when he was in high school. What was management’s reaction to our taking away some of their illegal alien employees? Was it to go back to hiring young people from the community? Nah, they hired a bunch of refugees instead. So many jobs that were once worked as first-time and part-time jobs are now full-time immigrant jobs (whether legal immigrants or not).

A good article by Newt Gingrich from yesterday March 20th on controlling the language. According to Newt, Lenin used language calling his party the majority party, or Bolshevik party, despite being in the minority to bolster his party’s chances. It worked. Today, the Left is trying to soften the blow of calling someone an illegal alien and downgrading them to “undocumented immigrants” and the latest, “newcomers.” Control the language and you control the narrative.

A black judge in Illinois, Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, just destroyed years of federal law banning illegal aliens from owning firearms. As Victor Davis Hanson pointed out in The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America, being a U.S. citizen sometimes seems like more of a punishment than a benefit. During COVID, you couldn’t cross a border legally with a passport without being vaccinated, but if you were an illegal alien in Joe Biden’s America, you could stroll across the border, piss on a Border Patrol Agent’s leg, and get allowed into the country.

I hope this gets appealed, because the decision is so nuts. As a citizen, you need to get a concealed carry permit—does that rule still apply to illegal aliens? I bet the judge is a liberal who would never let a white person get away with a gun violation, but somehow an illegal alien is allowed to own a firearm (at least by federal law, not state)? The world has gone insane, but there’s no war on white people. That’s a conspiracy theory.

So, AOC’s congressional district is being overrun. Cry me a river. They voted for this, may they reap what they sow. They need more immigrants. Perhaps, Mayorkas will send a few plane flights of Haitians their way to increase the diversity.

Well, one of the benefits of diversity is all the interesting cuisine you get.

 Let us not forget that immigrants may be cleaning up the neighborhoods too. Thank you Hip-Hopvibe.Com for the video. When not spreading disease around Chicago at a migrant shelter, they are beautifying the community, so shut up, you racist!

You might not call it an immigrant invasion because they are hitting the shores of the Rio Grande with tanks, artillery and armed foot soldiers, but that doesn’t mean the invaders aren’t calling it an invasion!

 He claims to have “African friends (who) have told me that they have already taken about seven homes.” May the cultural enrichment increase. I just hope that a lot of those homes that are invaded are in the rich suburbs of NYC where wealthy liberals can afford second homes. The TikToker is even versed in squatter’s rights law. How wonderful!

If you wish to invade a nice home, may I suggest Aspen, Colorado? Or how about Oprah Winfrey’s empty abode in Telluride, Colorado? It sits empty for much of the year while she goes to Hawaii and other beautiful spots.

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