Immigration Enforcement Stops Jet Skier, Misses Millions Of Mexicans
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It's interesting to contrast this story of a jet-skier injured in the Niagara River, (the center of  which is the border between the US and Canada) who washed up on the American side and found himself in a cell, and the millions of Mexicans who deliberately ford the Rio Grande, much shallower and warmer, and are immediately released by the Border Patrol even though, unlike the jet-skier, they have no plans to go back home.

September 4th, 2008 at 9:46 am
”Entering the U.S. illegally” One way that can happen to you is to be traveling the Canadian side of the Niagara River on your Sea-Doo jet ski, get caught in the rapids and swept over to the U.S. side. Jason Haist of Toronto was knocked unconscious and nearly drowned in the process, but his legal troubles were only beginning, as U.S. Border Patrol agents filed charges against him. They also arrested his cousin Edward, who tried to help him, for not reporting immediately on entry. After a press outcry, the two were released from their jail cell and returned to Canada. (Toronto Star, Aug. 25; Inside Toronto, Aug. 26).
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