Immigration Debate Update: Senator Sessions Says Amnesty Begets Amnesty
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The debate got off to a rocky start with Senator Feinstein (D-CA) talking about her Orange Card Plan—I would love to explain it to you but frankly, I can't figure it out. It's part of a step process or any event, it's just another way to avoid deporting illegal immigrants.

Then Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) took the floor and spoke about common sense—something his colleagues lack but he seems to have in abundance.

He pointed out many of the flaws with S.2611 and then asked one, simple question:

"Why aren't we putting the burden on the alien?"

Now my favorite man is addressing the body: Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama.)

While Feinstein and Co. are talking about their need for cheap labor, Sessions just accused them of arrogantly ignoring the demands of the American people. Commenting on S. 2611, he said

"These actions are unworthy of the great Senate of the United States—we ought to be ashamed of ourselves."

He went on the say,

"The American people have been right from the beginning....(they have been) arrogantly ignored by the executive branch and the congress."

Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) may be the Majority Leader and a GOP front-runner for President in 2008 but he deserves neither—Senator Jeff Sessions, on the other hand, he deserves both.

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