Immigration Debate Update: Senator Frist Likes Cornyn/Kyl Bill...a.k.a. Amnesty!
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Senator Bill Frist has finally brought his bill to the floor (S.2454).

Apparently, the garbage bill that come out of the Specter Lair (Judiciary Committee) on Monday won't come to the floor until later this week.

Wait a minute...Frist is talking about securing our borders and he said "that's why I intoduce this bill first." What does he mean "first"?

That implies that other, non-security oriented bills (guest worker/amnesty) are on the way...

He's talking about "human smugglers", "virtual barriers along the border" and "expedited removal."

"There are over 11 million people in this country illegally and Congress cannot just ignore that." he said.

"In my view, neither the House bill nor the Senate Judiciary bill seem to address it properly." he added.

"The Judiciary bill goes too far...there are better ways to address this issue. Senators Cornyn and Kyl have a bill that create a temporary worker plan..." he finally said it.

Yep, Senator Frist is already speaking for a temporary guest worker program.

Let's see...we're 5 minutes into the debate and the Senate Majority Leader has already caved.

Martinez, Frist...the Traitor List grows.

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