Immigration Debate Update: Another Day, Another Horrible Day
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For reasons I will never understand, our allegedly conservative Senators are taking the "damage control" approach rather than the "let's kill this ridiculous amnesty bill" approach.

Today we had an amendment from Senator Ensign (R-Nevada) which would prevent illegal aliens (or new guest workers as it were) from collecting social security benefits accumulated prior to the date they became legal workers.

And there's a motion to table the amendment (kill it) passes 50 to 49. Looks like illegal immigrants will be able to collect social security benefits that nobody else would ever be entitled to under such circumstances. here's a thought:

Yesterday, the Senate passed an amendment to exclude from eligibility illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a felony or three misdemeanors.

Using a false social security number (whether that of another person or a made up number) is a felony.

I say we let them collect the social security benefits they accumulated while living here illegally (you know, in the shadows) and then we nab them for using fraudulent identification, charge them with a felony and ship them back to their home country as they would be ineligible for any legal work permit or Visa.

Enough daydreaming...

Kennedy struck another blow to truth and justice this morning. His new amendment will allow guest workers to "self-petition" for green cards rather than rely on a legitimate employer to sponser them. You know, the way everybody else has to do it!!

Of course it passed 56 to 43.

***By the way, the amendment by Senator Cornyn that would require an employer to sponser a guest worker for a temporary work visa or green card just passed yesterday. The employer sponsership requirement for a green card was one of the only methods by which we could guarantee our new guest workers were actually working.

Don't let the waistband fool you...Kennedy moves fast.

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