Immigrants Living In Caves In New Jersey
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Here's my candidate for Sob Story of the Day...
PLAINFIELD, N.J. —- Dozens of unemployed Central American immigrants who lost their jobs and can't afford to pay rent have moved into caves, reports El Diario/La Prensa. Immigrants have been living in the makeshift homes in Plainfield and North Plainfeld, N.J. for three months, and call their new residence the "Devil's Cave."[Inmigrantes desempleados en la ”Cueva del Diablo’] Their decision to move into caves is a testament to the harsh climate of the current economic crisis, which has had a greater impact on the undocumented who have more difficulty accessing government aid after losing their jobs.[Unemployed Immigrants Move into Caves, January 24, 2009]
Say, why don't they move into the nearest comfy Mexican Consulate?
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