Immigrant Teen Joyrider Steals Car, Kills R.I. Girl
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On Saturday, a fourteen year old boy stole a van and led Providence Police on a high speed chase until crashing through a highway median, killing a nine-year old girl, and injuring her mother and baby sister. The story has rattled all of Rhode Island. [Girl 9, Killed in Crash on Route 10 in Providence, by W. Zachary Malinowski, Providence Journal, September 26, 2010 ]
Unfortunately, the Providence Journal and other local MSM outlets have been omitting the fact that the still nameless juvenile is a Colombian immigrant who apparently does not speak English. No word yet on his legal status. During the mid-afternoon, the boy broke into a Providence community center that serves many poor immigrant families, which probably included his own (He knew, for example, where the car keys were kept). The police quickly gave chase when they spotted the van speeding wildly through the city.

High speed joy-riding is hard-wired into Hispanic machismo, a heavy price for cheap labor. Just ask the friends and family of Alexis Silva, who recently built a roadside shrine for her near the crashsite, and are struggling to cover the funeral costs.

Nine year old Alexis Silva was a cheerleader for a Cranston pee wee football team and had just started the 4th grade.

Alexis Silva might still be alive were Providence not a sanctuary city, a policy that will not change anytime soon given Providence is poised to elect its first hispanic mayor. Will the GOP mention Alexis Silva during Rhode Island’s current campaign for governor?

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