Immigrant Privilege in Salt Lake City
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On May 6, a Sudanese immigrant called Luka Kang veered his car onto a sidewalk in Kearns, Utah and mowed down several children walking home from their Junior High. By good fortune, none were actually killed.

When Kang was interviewed later by detectives, the only explanation he had for the accident was that he was despondent.

"When we tried to talk about the kids, he said, 'I wasn't thinking about the kids,'" Hutson said.

Crash into Kearns kids appears intentional By Pat Reavy Deseret News May 7, 2009

As frequently points out, people imported into alien cultures, often without knowing the language, come under great stress. Appalling crimes do result.

Needless to say, this story has not made it into the national media and none of the local headlines refer to Kang's immigrant status.

But this is not, alas, just another immigrant crime story. The Salt Lake County DA office has had a fit of political correctness and is pulling its punches:

Charges filed against driver accused of striking several students By Sandra Yi May 15th, 2009 @ 3:51pm

SALT LAKE CITY — Prosecutors have filed charges against the man accused of driving down a sidewalk and hitting several students. Prosecutors say this was not an accident and Luka Wall Kang intentionally targeted those students. Prosecutors charged Kang with 12 counts of aggravated assault; he faces up to five years in prison for each charge.

In an Orwellian piece of doublethink

Prosecutors did not file attempted murder charges because they say that charge requires a higher level of intent. They say it would have been difficult to prove Kang's mindset and that he was out to kill people that day.

If one punches someone and he dies, it might well be plausible to argue that lethal intent was not present. But driving a car at them? Very difficult to prove murder was not the intention. And isn’t this kind of thing that trials are for? What about attempted vehicular homicide?

It gets worse. has a Comments section. At 4-17pm East Coast time, their rather clunky software indicates 50 posts were attempted, of which 16 have been deleted. One poster asks what has happened and a pompous Norwegian (!) has replied:

It was a bunch of racial slurs and "jokes" as the bloggers liked to call them. They didn't reflect well upon KSL or the community and I'm personally glad they were removed.

They did however permit this classic from ”Jerry C”

I can understand and in fact I share the outrage against an individual who has committed a horrendous, inexcusable act of violence. However, I find the blatant racist comments equally offensive.

Equally Offensive????

This sort of thinking is why the Hate Crimes legislation is so dangerous.

I doubt very much that a significant portion of the deleted postings were actually obscene. People do not waste time writing things they know are certain to be thrown away — even at the amount of obscenity we get is fairly small, and we do not lack for hostile mail.

In the 19th Century, the Mormons, who dominate Utah, followed the mores of the time and were famously ethnocentric. Now the Mormon Establishment seems to have adopted the 21st Century mindset and is suicidally multicultural. Hence their treasonous legislators — good riddance, Chris Cannon — and no doubt, the coddling of Luka Kang.

Their notorious intolerance of dissent apparently remains.

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