Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome: Tragedy in LA - Indian Father Kills Self, Family
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Another case of immigrant mass murder syndrome: David Gardner and Robert Mendick write in the Daily Mail:

Mr Rajaram, originally from India, left two suicide notes as well as a will at the home in Sorrento Pointe, a gated community in the Santa Susana Mountains.

Rajaram wrote of two options: committing suicide or killing himself and his entire family. "He talked himself into the second strategy," said Mr Moore, "That would be the honourable thing to do."

I would suggest that it is simply irresponsible to select immigrants who can't really adapt well to live in the US. I suspect that if the US didn't have such a lax immigration policy, this family might still be alive today.

I also can't help but wonder what other types of unusual behaviors are lurking in the US immigrant community? There is a tendency in the present system(or that in Canada) to select for immigrants who "look good on paper". Nobody sensible would select a roommate that way—and the stakes are much higher when a grant of permanent residency is at stake.

We need a system that selects immigrants that are good for the general American community and can truly benefit by immigrating to the US. I've sometimes thought that a simple immigration jury of US citizens selected at random would be a good idea in most cases. Let immigration authorities do their paper check—but then let them use some common sense in a final sanity check. We might also require private insurers post bonds ensuring immigrants wouldn't become public charges, institutionalized, or incarcerated, carry infectious diseases or endanger other Americans. I suspect we'd get many fewer immigrants with seriously difficult problems adjusting to life in the US if these measures were taken.

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