Immigrant Jihadis in New Jersey?
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Ron Shererer and Faye Bowers write in the Christian Science Monitor:
Some of the six men played paintball together and took target practice in the Poconos. One delivered pizzas to Fort Dix, the sprawling Army base in New Jersey.

Such unremarkable activities, though, form part of the backbone of a federal conspiracy case against the men — all Muslims, all immigrants — for allegedly plotting to kill at least 100 soldiers at Fort Dix. Their motive, according to a federal indictment: a perception that Islam is under attack.

To authorities making the arrests, the men signify that the threat of home-grown terrorist cells, inspired by Al Qaeda but not actually connected to it, is a very real one. To others, the six are an aberration, disavowed by Muslims in the US who see the alleged plot's violent intent as damaging their efforts to become part of the American fabric.

Later in the article, it is explained that several of the "immigrants" are in fact in the US illegally. It is really sad that there is any debate around their rapid deportation.

I have my doubts about the strength of the charges against the others. I also don't think that Jihad is really the tactic by which Muslims will advance their interests in the US. Islam is a rapidly growing religion in the US-and only part of that growth is from immigration—much is from the conversion of Americans to Islam.

Islam is a religion that thrives where there is gross economic inequity. If the US continues to move towards greater concentration of wealth, we can expect to see Islam grow in the US.

The Arab oil states have acquired hundreds of billions of US assets. Because the western elites have largely discouraged economic development and political unification of the Islamic world(and the west is mired in its own trade mess), ultimately those assets are directly useful to the Islamic nations primarily to facilitate the immigration of select people—or to gather converts to Islam.

We are starting to see significant backlash against Islamic immigration, so that means ultimately those assets will be used to shape the religious and political identity of the US and Europe.

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