Immigrant Entrepreneurs—Indian Immigrant Fakes Own Death, Caught Trying To Renew US Passport
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You should never try to commit insurance fraud except in a month with an "R" in it—one reason this particular fraud lacked credibility is that it's very rare these days to die from a bad oyster.
Couple accused of faking death Pair defrauded Sioux Falls insurer, authorities say

By John Hult, Sioux Fall Argus Leader, December 16, 2009

Rajmatee Kapadia of Florida argued in court for more than a year with a Sioux Falls insurance company that her husband, Vij Misir, really had died after eating bad oysters during a family vacation in Malaysia in 2003.

Eventually, Kapadia settled the case for $2 million, backed up by official documents from Malaysia, as well as her claims she had seen him cremated and spread his ashes.

But some still weren't buying the story.

"The truth is, I never believed he was dead," said Jay Blumenkopf, the lawyer who represented Sioux Falls-based Midland National Life in the lawsuit. "Sometimes you settle cases for business reasons, but I never believed he was dead."

That's the reason he wasn't surprised when FBI agents called him last December and told him Misir had walked into the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, and asked to renew his passport.

Today, Misir, 45, sits in the Minnehaha County Jail after FBI agents found and arrested him in Guam in November, and both he and his wife face federal charges in the faked death.[More]

But the real point is that it was a US passport he was trying to renew.
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