Immigrant Daughter-Selling Dad Gets Permissive Plea Arrangement
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The immigrant father who sold his 14-year-old daughter for a pile of beer and cokes has accepted a very lenient plea bargain. Marcelino de Jesus Martinez (shown) got a hand-slap deal and may be deported at the end of his dinky little jail sentence in a month or so. He could have faced a sentence of 10 years in prison had the case gone to trial, but legal authorities prevented that outcome by offering a deal he couldn't refuse.

This is how our justice system defends American law and protects children — very little when challenged by demanding tribalists.

A Greenfield father accused of selling his daughter for money, beer and other items accepted a plea bargain that could shorten his time in jail to a month.

District Attorney Christina Johnson said that Marcelino de Jesus Martinez, 36, pled guilty to one count of felony child endangerment charges.

The deal will have Martinez, who has been in prison since his arrest in January, serving an additional one to four months.

Martinez had originally refused a plea offer from prosecutors, and a trial was set to start Monday. [Father Accused Of Selling Daughter Takes Deal, KSBW-TV8 Salinas, California, April 6, 2009]

Another report [Plea deal for dad in arranged marriage, Monterey Herald, April 7] sounded like the perp got a full-court press with all concerned parties to accept the plea deal...
Martinez had first accepted, then rejected the plea agreement last month. Jury questionnaires were distributed early Monday to more than 100 potential jurors for a trial that was expected to last three to four weeks. But, after hours of discussions between Martinez, his attorneys, representatives of the Mexican Consulate, Johnson and Judge Larry Hayes, he accepted the deal.
For more details about this cultural atrocity, see my article Diversity Is Strength! It's Also... Selling Your 14-Year Old Daughter?.

A major part of the defense's case was that in the perp's Triqui tribe in Oaxaca, it is both normal and legal for girls of 12 or 13 to be married off. In America, the law requires children of that age to go to school, and we want girls to grow up into self-determining individual women.

The Mexican Triqui tribe practices polygamy where one man can have a harem of seven wives. Americans don't want diversity of this sort; citizens want foreigners to assimilate to our language and values, not the other way around.

Interestingly, the local Raza supporters complained that the arrest and prosecution would make illegal Mexicans fearful of the police, but the whole reason the situation came to light was the bad dad going to law enforcement to complain he didn't get his beer, etc. in payment for the daughter. Oh, well!

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