Imam’s Fatwa to Muslims: Leave France
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As scholar Bernard Lewis has observed, “In earlier times, it was inconceivable that a Muslim would voluntarily move to a non-Muslim country” [2007 Irving Kristol Lecture given at AEI]

More recently, however, millions of Muslims have flocked to Europe and America for “a better life” (material comforts) or to advance the cause of a worldwide caliphate ruled by Islamic sharia law.

So it’s almost a relief to see an old-fashioned imam calling for the faithful to exit the West and return to dar al-Islam. Perhaps he thinks too many Muslims are adopting ideas of the despised infidels (although I haven’t noticed such shifts).

Whatever the cause, Imam Omar al-Haddouchi believes that Muslim immigration is a bad idea — we agree!


Morocco: Preacher calls Muslims to leave France, Islam in Europe Blog, April 15, 2012

Via Telegraaf:

Omar al-Haddouchi, ideological leader of the Jihadist movement in Morocco, published a fatwa saying all Muslims should leave France for North Africa.

Al-Haddouchi says Muslims have no reason to stay in France, listing as reasons the burqa ban, the limits on the call to Friday prayers, and the stricter controls on Muslim radicals following the terror attack in Toulouse. He said non-Muslim countries where like a toilet, where you do your thing and then leave.

His 14-minute long video fatwa is currently circulating on Jihadi websites. Al-Haddouchi was sentenced to 30 years for his links to the attack in Casablanca, May 2003, but was pardoned last year by King Mohammed VI.

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