Illegals Poisoning Border Patrol Agents
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VIVA LA MIGRA! is apparently not a universal concept.

While our overworked, underpaid and intentionally understaffed Border Patrol Agents on the line are doing what they can to deter the human wave of illegal aliens coming into our nation, it seems that some here in what remains of the America of my youth have taken a decided dislike to the entire force.

This from the Website of the U. S. Border Patrol local 2544 in Tucson, Arizona (note the Patrol Agents union estimate of the number of illegal aliens in our nation in their opening "welcome" paragraph):

Denny's Restaurant in Douglas Gives New Meaning to "Customer Service"

This is the type of institutional garbage on-duty Border Patrol agents have to put up with all the time.........this moron just got caught red-handed. He gave the agent the wrong receipt, then tried to take it back. The agent wisely refused to give it back. We can only assume that what the “host" wrote on the ticket [A misspelled vulgarity referring to the Border Patrol] was a signal to sabotage this agent's food. Many agents have become sick after eating in restaurants, and this should be an eye-opener. A copy of the receipt is posted here. 4-11-05

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