Illegals In Arizona—The New York Times Is Concerned About Their Prospects
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The blogger Rhymes With Right gave this NY Times excerpt the title "Like This Is A Bad Thing." The insertions in square brackets are mine, the NYT sometimes has difficulty making things clear:
Advocates for [illegal] immigrants contend that, at a minimum, hundreds of people unauthorized to work have left the state or been fired. Some school districts have at least partly attributed enrollment drops [and the consequent massive savings in taxpayer dollars] to the law. Though the housing slump and seasonal economic factors make it difficult to pin down how much is attributable to the new law, illegal workers say employers are checking papers and are less inclined to hire them.

”They started asking everybody for papers one day, and those like me that didn’t have them [because we're illegal]were fired,” said Luis Baltazar, a Mexican [illegal] immigrant who worked for a paving company until a few weeks ago and was soliciting work at a day labor hiring hall here.

Another [illegal] immigrant, Jose Segovia, said work had plummeted in the past few weeks, more so than in the four previous Decembers he spent in Phoenix. ”Some of my [illegal] friends went back to Mexico,” Mr. Segovia said, ”and I am thinking of going, too, if it doesn’t get better here.”[Arizona Is Split Over Hard Line On Immigrants, By Randal C. Archibold, December 14, 2007]

And there's a photograph of some workers, presumably [illegal], with the caption "Day laborers looking for work in Phoenix on Wednesday. Some say a law that takes effect Jan. 1 has made jobs harder to find.".

Well, it has if you're [illegal], but not if you're an American—theLaw of Supply and Demand says that it would make jobs easier to find for Americans.

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