Illegals Aliens Canvassing For Democrats In Washington—In Mexico, Even Legal Aliens Would Be Deported If They Tried This
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This is from the Washington Post:
In WA, illegal immigrants canvassing for votes, By Manuel Valdes, The Associated Press, October 22, 2010

In this photograph taken Sunday, Oct. 16, 2010, Maria Gianni, right, embraces community organizer Elsa Batris-Boni at a phone bank in Seattle being used by One America Votes, [Email them] an organization that has launched a vote drive to get naturalized citizen voters to vote Democrat. Gianni is one of several illegal immigrants who are volunteering in the vote drive. (AP Photo/Manuel Valdes)

In Mexico, there are strict laws to discourage foreigners from participating in the political process in any way. Even legal aliens would be deported from Mexico if they tried this.

Is this woman going to be arrested by the immigration authorities now that this has been reported in the press? Not by Obama's immigration authorities, she isn't.

And I sincerely doubt that Washington State Republicans will have the guts to ask them to—Tom Tancredo is the only Republican I know with that kind of nerve, and he's now running on a third party ticket in Colorado. (Where he looks like he may actually win, by the way.)

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