Illegal Labor and the Doane's Report
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On my recent trip to Oklahoma I visited the family farm (which, by the way, employs no illegal aliens). My dad gave me a recent issue of "Doane's Agricultural Report". [not online]In the Doane's issue of December 15th, 2006, Washington editor Rich Pottorff discusses the recent raids on the Swift meatpacking plants which detained 1,300 illegal aliens. Here's what Pottorf had the gall say about the matter:

"The raid on the meatpacking plants illustrates the importance of immigrant workers (both legal and illegal) to agriculture and reinforces the importance of immigration legislation."

Let's see. In 1980 the average salary for a meatpacker was $19 an hour. But now, the going rate has dropped to $9 an hour. So when will Rich Pottorf think we have enough meatpackers? When the wages have dropped even lower?

Drop Rich Pottorf a line at [email protected] and tell him what you think.

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