Illegal Aliens Coming From Canada. Are They Canadian? Nope!
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Our Border Patrol, ever on the alert, has stopped an illegal entry from Canada. The main entrance by car from British Columbia to Whatcom County in Washington is the Peace Arch entry but trains go north and south across the border so a dude stowed himself in a rail car going from Canada to the U.S. through Blaine, Washington. He was not Canadian. He was Honduran and this is his third attempt to cross into the U.S. illegally. [Stowaway trying to cross border arrested in train car, By Peter Jensen, The Bellingham Herald, October 23, 2009]

I am sorry I am so jaundiced but I really had a laugh about this. My elected officials in Washington believe we need to beef up the northern border to keep out Canadians but here in the Northwest, the place is swarming with illegal aliens from south of the border, not north of the border. Many work in the agricultural fields of Skagit County, for example, and they tend the crops of tulips and daffodils there. These are obviously crops of national necessity and we must continue to have illegal aliens to support our national interest and global domination in the production of tulip bulbs which is second only to Holland.

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