Illegal Alien Pursues Lawsuit against Colorado Rescuers Who Saved His Life
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How screwed up is this? An illegal alien’s miserable life is saved during last September’s terrible floods in Colorado, but the rescue wasn’t performed perfectly according to Roy Ortiz’s high standards, so he is suing every agency in sight.

Ortiz claims $40,000 in medical bills, yet he intends to sue for $500,000 for property damage and “emotional distress.”

Below, local first responders rescued Ortiz during the catastrophic flood. At least 1,750 people and 300 pets were saved from flood waters, so presumably police were rather busy.

The case was explored on Wednesday’s Fox News. Gretchen Carlson interviewed the litigant, and it’s obvious the well-fed Ortiz is not a born-in-America English speaker.

At around 3:30, Carlson pursues the subject of Senor Ortiz’s immigration status:

CARLSON: And by the way, is Mr. Ortiz a US citizen? Is he here legally in this country?

LAWYER: Well, that has no bearing on anything with this case but the fact of the matter is that…

CARLSON: I think our viewers would like to know that, is he in this country legally or is he not? Is he a US citizen?

LAWYER: That has no bearing on this case and it certainly doesn’t prevent him from presenting any civil claims. That’s completely irrelevant to the matter at hand.

CARLSON: Okay, well, you told me earlier in the commercial break that you believe that he is undocumented and he is not here legally in this country. It’s an important point as we’re looking at all the details of this case. It’s an important point.

Instead of a big payout from the citizen taxpayers, how about an investigation of moocher Ortiz, such as what kind of fake identification he has. Is he using some American’s Social Security number (a felony)? Inquiring minds want to know.

Colorado Man Could Sue Divers Who Saved Him From Submerged Car, ABC News, March 10, 2014

A Colorado man, despite acknowledging that he’s lucky to be alive after being trapped in a submerged car, has filed an intent to sue his rescuers for half a million dollars.

Roy Ortiz filed his intent to sue the county of Boulder and his rescuers for a tentative $500,000 as a “preservative” measure, his attorney, Ed Ferszt, told

Ferszt said the county should have closed the road during floods in September. He said the first responders were also included because they did not realize Ortiz was trapped in the car until they prepared to lift it out of the water.

“He was not seen or it was assumed no one could have survived it,” Ferszt said. “No one discerned he was there.”

The incident began Sept. 12 when Ortiz was driving to work. His vehicle hit part of a washed-out road and then plunged into a creek.

“He tried to feel even above his head and all he felt was water everywhere. It was not much of an air pocket,” Ferszt said.

Ortiz was able to find a small air bubble in the back of his car where Ferszt said his client spent two hours waiting to be rescued.

Since the accident, Ortiz has racked up $40,000 in medical bills and still has shoulder issues and trouble sleeping, including a recurring dream of shivering to death, Ferszt said.

Whether a future lawsuit is filed will depend “on Roy’s medical treatment and how that pans out,” Ferszt said.

David Hughes, Boulder Deputy County attorney, told the county is following procedure with Ortiz’s claim.

“When we receive a notice of claim, we follow the same process,” he said. “Right now the claim is under investigation.”

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