Illegal Alien Lawn Worker Kills Lady Who Hired Him, Gets Life
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Aren't we constantly lectured that illegal aliens do the work Americans don't do? And aren't illegal aliens often hired to do lawn work for Americans?

Here's a horrific story about a trusting lady who hired illegal aliens to do her lawn work. She provided them work and was kind to them. The illegals (from El Salvador in this case) returned her kindness by killing her.

You can read about it, and see photos of the victim and the perpetrators in a World Net Daily article entitled Illegal Alien Burns Elderly Woman Alive, Now Gets Life , Chelsea Schilling, Nov. 24th, 2009

The article begins with the grisly details:

An illegal alien has been sentenced to life in prison for breaking into an 83-year-old woman's home, grabbing her by the throat, smashing her head into furniture, saturating her with gasoline and setting her body on fire while she was still alive — all to cover up his check-fraud scam after she hired him to cut her lawn.
The victim had hired the murderers, a pair of cousins, to do her lawn:
Ramon Alvarado, 33, and his cousin, Jose Alvarado, 37, were hired to do yard work for Lila Meizel at her home in Wheaton, Md. They worked for the woman for two years, and Meizel often gave the men soda, food and extra tips.
Why was she murdered?
According to prosecutors, Meizel gave the men a $75 check for landscaping work. Jose added two zeros to the number, agreeing to give his cousin $1,200 and [Jose's wife] Rodas $1,000. They used the $7,500 to buy a car, computer and clothes. Ramon and Jose preemptively conspired to kill Meizel when the two believed they might be caught.

So Ramon broke into the house of a lady who had always treated him kindly, grabbed her by the throat, smashed her head into furniture, dowsed her body with gasoline and set her afire while she was still alive. After that,

Firefighters found Meizel in her burning home and pulled her outside, but they were unable to resuscitate her. A firefighter and two police officers sustained injuries in the blaze.
An autopsy revealed Ramon caused Meizel to suffer a brain hemorrhage and fractured seven of her ribs. She had soot in her lungs and burned tissue in the back of her throat, indicators that she was alive when he set her on fire. Most of her body was charred and her face was unrecognizable.
According to Montgomery County's top prosecutor, it was the most horrific murder he'd seen since assuming office.

Both of these cousins had criminal records:

Both Ramon and Jose Alvarado had previous criminal records in Montgomery County. Jose had a history of check fraud, according to the Washington Examiner. Ramon had a warrant out for his arrest for driving a car without a license or registration.
And both were illegal aliens, who shouldn't even have been in the country:
A Montgomery County jail official confirmed that all three were illegal aliens. According to reports, they are from El Salvador and have lived in the United States for more than 10 years. The Gaithersburg Gazette reported Immigration and Customs Enforcement had detainers on all three defendants, flagging them for possible federal charges and deportation proceedings.
They should have deported them much sooner.

The murder took place the day before Thanksgiving of 2008. Ramon was convicted last month and sentenced this month.

Ramon was convicted of murder, arson and conspiracy in October. On Monday [Nov.23rd], he was sentenced to two consecutive life terms — one without parole — plus an additional 30 years for arson.
The judge seemed horrified:
During Ramon's trial, Judge McGann said he could not look at the autopsy photos "very long without gagging." "I'm going to put these in the envelope so they don't turn anyone else's stomach," he said.
The judge had some things to say to the murderer:
"The inhumane manner you chose to exterminate a lady well into the autumn years of her life strongly suggests that you are sadistic," Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Terrence J. McGann told Ramon Alvarado. "A civilized society demands that you be in prison for the remainder of your life."
Wait a minute! According to the judge this murder "strongly suggests" that the murderer is sadistic? I'd say it more than strongly suggests it. I'd say there is no doubt, and I think a case like this deserves the death penalty.

Convicted of murder, arson and conspiracy, Ramon was given two consecutive life terms (one without parole) and an additional 30 years for arson. Cousin and partner in crime Jose got life in prison for murder, and Jose's wife could get up to five years in prison for being an accessory after the fact.

Who wants to bet that Jose and possibly even Ramon might be out again someday?

As for the victim's daughter, she said that her mother was "a very trusting woman" and that "When it came to hiring people for her lawn, she was happy with this man." The man who eventually killed her, that is.

Was there nobody else available who could have done yard work for Lila Weizel? A neighbor, a grandson, a local high school student? Might she have looked a little harder rather than hire an illegal alien?

And what does it say about our own government who allows illegal aliens to do just about anything they want to do until it's too late?

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