Illegal Alien Just Wanted An Education...And To Rob You At Knife-Point
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Remember Francisco Serrano? (bio here)

He was the 21 year-old illegal alien found living in his old high school in Minnesota last year. After he was arrested for trespassing, the school and most of the town of Twin Cities rallied around the lad and tried to stop his deportation hearing—they even paid his bail.

Oh yeah, and some billionaire guy and his wife wanted to adopt him...he was such a nice boy.

He was ordered to return to Mexico where he could re-apply for entry into the U.S. and after much fanfare by the media and lots of supporters hugging him goodbye amid floods of tears, Francisco walked through the security gates at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport...but never boarded the plane.

Authorities in Boston just arrested him on residential burglary charges stemming from an incident on March 29th. It seems Francisco broke into an apartment with a knife and when police arrived, he was still attacking the victim.

Illegal immigrants are only here for the American Dream...which apparently involves knives and residential burglary.

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