Illegal Alien Gustavo Flores Just Can't Catch A Break
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What's this country coming to when a poor illegal alien can't even run out to the local drug store without getting busted for not having the required auto insurance or a valid drivers license?

”I would say that if I'm not this color I'm not gonna get pulled over,” said an indignant Gustavo Flores, who moved to Waukegan, IL, nine years ago and is whining to everyone who will listen that because he's an illegal he's now "afraid of the police."[Waukegan Man Says He Was Arrested Based On Race By Katie McCall, CBS, June 30, 2007] Memo to Mr. Flores and those who share the same "plight": That's how the system is supposed to work. Waukegan is among the growing number of U.S. cities that have signed on to the federal program (287g) that allows local police to assist in enforcing our immigration laws, a move many Latinos view as an "abuse of power." ”We have persons, we have innocent people who are being arrested and deported,” said Margaret Carrasco of Casa Mexiquense. Gee, it would have been swell if reporter Katie McCall (e-mail) had asked Ms. Carrasco, "If someone is here illegally and uses bogus ID to get a job in violation of federal law, how can they be 'innocent?' "

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