Illegal Alien Africans Riot in Italian Town
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Here's another example of why the diversity-is-the-highest-good ideology is untenable. Human beings are hard-wired to prefer the company of their own tribe, and happy-talk gibberish to the contrary doesn't work. As sociologist Robert Putnam has observed, "Diversity decreases trust."

A recent conflict took place in southern Italy, started by local kids shooting some Africans (most foreign workers are illegal, it appears) with air rifles. Rioting followed for a couple days, where cars were burned, buildings smashed and people injured including police. Hundreds of foreigners were finally trucked out by police.

Such is the effect of multicultural immigration. Despite decades of pro-diversity propaganda in Europe and America, human nature remains the same as it ever was. People don't want to be diversified, they want their culture left alone. As Thomas Friedman observed in The Lexus and the Olive Tree, "Few things are more enraging to people than to have their identity or ethnic sense of home stripped away."

Italy hit by race riots after immigrants shot and wounded, Deutsche Welle, January 8, 2010

Immigrants in southern Italy clashed with police after they were attacked by white Italian youths with air guns.

Dozens took to the street in the town of Rosarno, Calabria, smashing car windows and setting fire to vehicles and trash cans.

Police said that a car was attacked while passengers were inside and several people were injured. A total of 32 people, including 18 policemen, were injured in the rioting which began on Thursday.

The video from Euronews is worthwhile because it includes some local reaction.

The Daily Mail has some interesting photos in its story, Immigrant riot in Italy leaves 37 injured after series of beatings by white youths.

Authorities reporting at least 37 were wounded in the ensuing clashes, including 18 police officers and five migrants, as the violence reached its second day in the coastal town of Rosarno in Calabria.
Below, an African man argued with (threatened?) an Italian woman during the disturbance.

Africans tore up the Italian town of Rosarno in their two days of rioting.

La Repubblica has a slide show with photos of the Africans.

Are the African rioters Muslims? Unclear, although they certainly behaved with the sort of magnified hostility and sense of entitlement for which the sons of Allah are famous.

It's easy to imagine similar riots between unfriendly aliens and citizens growing into regional civil wars in Europe. The so-called "no-go zones" held by hostile Islamic invaders — places that are hazardous for police, firemen and citizens — expand with the growing Muslim population.

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