Ignore England, Judge Chertoff
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Famously, Neo Conservatives have been defined as "Liberals mugged by reality." I myself think there is a more relevant definition. But even Liberals might assent to the "Social Conservative" definition: "Liberals with teen age daughters."

Even speaking as an (ex-) Englishman with three (nearly) teen age daughters, I am more astonished than outraged by the news that women are now officially advised not to walk alone at night in the formerly bucolic English town of Northampton.

That is not true of learning that that an editor in a remote and peaceful area of North-East Scotland has been arrested for expressing the view that importing large quantities of illegals to a disused military base could cause trouble. This is not the England in defence of which my Father and Grandfather spent so many tedious years in uniform.

It is a simple fact that increasing the proportion of young black men in a community raises rape and other crime volumes. It appears to be the case that having large numbers of young Muslim men present raises the propensity for suicide bombings.

Expressed opinion is not the problem. Got that, Mr. Chertoff?

Hat Tip, Modern Tribalist

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