ICE Toughening Procedures for Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens
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I certainly hope the following story is accurate, which reports that DUI illegals will be jailed rather than be released to further endanger the public. The reason given is the death of Sister Denise Mosier (pictured left) at the hands of drunk-driving alien Carlos Montano (pictured right) in August.


For years, the government has treated drunk driving by foreigners as no big deal, despite the fact that drinking and driving is a culturally positive value in hispanic societies indicating masculinity: only weenies can’t knock back a case of beer and drive home. Even NPR has admitted that Hispanics are ”responsible for a disproportionate number of DWI arrests and alcohol-related car accidents.”


Even dangerous serial drunk drivers have been repeatedly been turned loose on American streets instead of being deported. In one shocking case, the deaths of Sean and Donna Wilson, the killer had not been deported even after 14 arrests.


In 2005, Rep. Sue Myrick introduced the Scott Gardner Act which states that any illegal alien convicted of a DWI will face automatic deportation, but the bill has never been passed into law.


As a result of the government’s apathy about the danger to public safety posed by inebriated foreigners, drunk driving illegal aliens endanger every American who crosses a street or rides in a car.


So if there is genuine reform within ICE of treating drunk driving seriously because of the death of one nun (after the preventable slaughter of so many other innocents), that change would be a tremendous step forward. It would also be a surprise, given the current administration’s objection to sensible enforcement programs like 287(g).


We will have to watch to see whether this is real or fluff.
Jail for illegals facing drunken driving charges, WTOP, September 13, 2010


WASHINGTON — Immigration officials now plan to incarcerate illegal aliens when they’re arrested for drunken driving, WTOP has learned.


”The message has gone out to the field offices: Take them into custody, and don’t let them out on bond,” a high-ranking source within U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement tells WTOP.


The new, tougher policy comes after the death of a Catholic nun, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant with previous drunken driving arrests in Prince William County. Carlos A. Martinelly Montano, an illegal immigrant from Bolivia, was involved in the Aug. 1 crash that killed Jeanette M. Mosier and seriously injured two other nuns in Bristow. Mosier was know in her Benedictine Order as Sister Denise Mosier.


After a 2008 drunken driving arrest, Montano, 23, had been detained by ICE but was released on his own recognizance, pending a deportation hearing. Mosier’s death sparked outrage that Montano had not been in custody.


Earlier, ICE said Montano’s previous alcohol-related arrests did not meet guidelines for detaining him.


”So even after a first DWI we have the authority to take him into custody. People in custody tend to go through the deportation process much faster,” the ICE source said.


Prior to this change, under the Obama administration, ICE had focused on removing violent criminals from the country. Some, including Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert, had argued repeat drunken driving should be grounds for removal.


Ebert says detaining them at the time of their arrest would not be a legal issue.


”They still have rights under our judicial system, but on the other hand, if they commit a crime and are here illegally, they don’t have any right to be released.”


Last week, a Prince William grand jury indicted Montano for felony murder, driving with a revoked license and maiming resulting from drunken driving – the first time Ebert has prosecuted felony murder based on DUI.


”The feeling is ”this should never happen again,’” says the ICE official. ”The decision has been made to treat them like they would violent criminals.”
ICE just noticed that drunk-driving illegal aliens kill? Remarkable.
Asked by WTOP to confirm details of the policy change, ICE spokesman Brian P. Hale issued a statement:


”ICE’s highest priorities are apprehending and removing convicted criminal aliens, aliens who pose a danger to the community, and fugitive aliens. Aliens who are criminals, public safety threats, and fugitives are a main focus for the agency. That includes aliens convicted of DUI, particularly those already ordered to leave the country.”


Even with the new policy, scarce space in ICE detention centers may mean not all impaired drivers will be taken into custody immediately.


”If you have a gang member and a first-time DUI and only one bed, you’re going to keep the gang member in custody,” the ICE source tells WTOP.


Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, who has been a sharp critic of ICE, says he’s ”excited” by the decision.


”This is just the beginning. We have other dangerous criminals that ICE will continue to release until their deportations and that policy has got to change as well.”


Stewart has written to ICE requesting a list of all illegal immigrants in his county who have been released while awaiting deportation hearings. He says he has not heard from the federal government on his request.
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