ICE SVU Raids A Flea Market
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But not for the illegal aliens who congregate there and the  fake green cards that are sold at flea markets, but to seize counterfeit merchandise.
TribLive August 5, 2014 by Brian Bowling
Feds Seize Half-Million In Bogus Goods At Flea Market
A raid on about 15 vendors at a popular flea market in Rogers, Ohio, netted more than $500,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced Tuesday.
The July 25 raid of the Rogers Community Auction seized several thousand items billed as designer merchandise such as UGG boots, OtterBox cell phone cases and NFL jerseys.
And hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on a criminal investigation by ICE SVU, resulting in no arrests.
No charges have been filed. About 1,600 vendors sell goods at the Rogers Community Auction, which has 70 acres for parking, according to its website.
It appears that ICE SVU is still the hand maiden of the NFL and the MPAA.
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