ICE Remembers 9/11 By Forgetting To Monitor Flight Schools
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ICE remembers  9/11 by continuing to fail to monitor flight schools enrolling aliens for fraud. 

Ten years after illegal alien Muslim flight school students killed 3,000 Americans, ICE, one of whose supposed priority is terrorism, has done nothing to see that the foreign students who attend flight schools are doing so legally at properly accredited institutions.

NYT July 16, 2012 by Michael Schmidt

U.S. Failing to Track Schools in Visa Process, Report Says

WASHINGTON — More than one-third of the flight schools in the United States that cater to foreigners are not certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to the Government Accountability Office, raising concerns that the schools are illegally backing student visas although they have no intention of teaching the students to fly.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which oversees the student visa program, keeps such sloppy records that it does not know how many of the 10,000 schools that can submit paperwork for such visas are accredited by the states where they do business, according to a new G.A.O. report. It said 167 of the 434 flight schools in the United States were not accredited by the F.A.A. and could not provide students with the proper documents to show they know how to operate a plane.

Even worse, ICE refuses to exercise its authority to stop the fraud, claiming that it cannot stop  illegal visas being issued.

The report, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, said that even if schools are already under investigation for issuing documents for illegal visas, the customs agency does not have the authority to stop them from issuing more.

Why do we have ICE if it won't do its job?  It is like the RINOs who argue that the Supreme Court was correct not to overturn Obamacare, because it is the responsibility of Congress to overturn unconstitutional laws.  So why have a Supreme Court if Congress should overturn unconstitutional laws?  Why have ICE if they won't enforce immigration law?

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