ICE Failure On An Unprecedented Level
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Illegal alien gangbangers yesterday shot 3 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agents raiding their hideout.  After the shooting, only one of the gangbangers was arrested, apparently on the arrest warrant at issue, but the rest of the family, including the gangbangers father, Victor Flores, who openly bragged that "we" shot back, were not arrested.  Only Victor Flores Jr. was arrested.  Senior, who of course spoke no English, was not arrested, nor were the rest of the illegal alien family members.

ABC News 7  May 3, 2012 by Vic Lee, Mark Matthews, and Lilian Kim

Exclusive Interview With Family Who Got Raided

The family in Petaluma is so upset that they don't even want to go back to their home. They called ABC7 Thursday evening, specifically to share their story.

"I was very scared because I thought they were going to kill us," Victor Flores said.
Victor didn't want to show his face, but he says he and his two sons were inside their Petaluma home when federal agents stormed in Thursday morning. He says his oldest son, Victor Jr., started shooting at the agents, who he says were wearing all black, with nothing identifying themselves as officers.

"We shot back because we thought they were gangsters. We never knew they were police because they never introduced themselves as police officers," Victor said.

As for Victor Jr., he was taken into custody. Authorities say he's one of 13 suspected gang members arrested Thursday morning for a triple murder in South San Francisco in 2010.

ICE, of course, is clueless.  They have an illegal alien gang problem, but aren't making arrests.

"Without a shadow of a doubt, this incident underscores how dangerous this gang is, and why this morning's arrest is such welcome news for residents of this community," Clark Settles with Homeland Security Investigations said.

Which begs the question, why does ICE exist if they will not arrest illegal aliens who have family ties to gangs and fire on ICE agents?  Does the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty extend to people like Victor Flores Sr. who shoot at ICE agents?  Stupid question.  Of course it does.  Victor Flores Sr. is openly bragging about his gunfight with ICE agents and he remains free.

Which also begs the question, if these gangbangers were involved in a murder in South San Francisco, why was not local law enforcement arresting them for murder?  Why is ICE involved in a murder arrest?  The Petaluma Police Department has a SWAT Team, the South San Francisco Police Department has a SWAT Team, and the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office has a SWAT Team.  Why was ICE involved if they weren't going to arrest the illegal alien family members?

I also wonder if Mike McDaniel will be trumpeting the cause of these gangbangers?  They say that ICE did not knock and announce.  Will McDaniel be championing these gangbangers like he did Jose Guerena?


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