<i>Washington Post</i>:"Sane" Immigration Reform = Amnesty
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Lee Hockstader, [email him] has an article in the Washington Post saying that amnesty would be "sane" immigration reform. The obvious corollary is that an immigration moratorium, or even an effort to enforce the laws already in place would be insane.

Sane Immigration Reform on Tap?

By Lee Hockstader September 13, 2009

The chances of building a sane immigration system seemed unlikely enough in 2007 before it was squashed by divisions among Democrats and a talk radio-fueled revolt on the right. If anything, they look even worse now, given the competing debates over health care and energy, a jobless rate edging toward 10 percent, and a plateau or decline in the number of illegal immigrants in the country. [Morew]

Of course, the reason why there were divisions among Democrats, as well as grass roots opposition to McCain and other members of the Republican "leadership" who were for amnesty is that 70 percent of the American people at any given time are likely to oppose amnesty, and this includes most Republican voters (some Republican donors feel differently) and at least half of Democrats. It's like the old joke about the dog food that wasn't selling in spite of massive advertising campaigns and endorsements: "But the dogs don't like it!"

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