I Told You So, Part 187—British Left Wakes Up On Immigration
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Kathy Shaidle points to this story from England,

This is how far we have come in the past year or so. When an ICM poll of Britain’s Muslims in February this year revealed that some 40% (that is, about 800,000 people) wished to see Islamic law introduced in parts of Britain, the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality[!] responded by saying that they should therefore pack their bags and clear off. Sir Trevor Phillips’s exact words were these: “If you want to have laws decided in another way, you have to live somewhere else.”

My guess is this: if such a statement had been made by a member of the Tory party’s Monday Club in 1984 — or, for that matter, 1994 — he would have been excoriated and quite probably would have been kicked out of the party. “If you don’t like it here then go somewhere else” was once considered the apogee of “racism”. People who did not like it here were exhorted to exert their political muscle and change the status quo.

How right wing the left sounds after its moment of racial truth By Rod Liddle, Sunday Times, August 27, 2006

OK, that's the head of the Commission For Racial Equality that just said go back where you came from. Under a Labour Government. Wow!

Anyhow, the same article also refers to the Ray Honeyford case, which you can read about here in the Daily Telegraph: | Headteacher who never taught again after daring to criticise multiculturalism.

The point of Telegraph story is that Honeyford has been vindicated.

Kathy Shaidle writes

No conservative in England will now be awarded the You Were Right All Along Award, and get to make an unforgettable "Oscar" type speech to an audience of millions, not to mention a knighthood. 

I wrote in 2004 that Honeyford was

[U]nlikely to get any apologies from the "anti-racist" crowd.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, conservative historian Robert Conquest was asked to do a second edition of his book on Communist mass murder, The Great Terror.

All its evidence had been sneered at by left-wing historians. But naturally, with the collapse of Communism, the truth had come out, and Conquest had been totally vindicated.

When his publisher asked if he had a suggestion for a new title, he said "How about "I Told You So, You —king Fools."

This would make a great title for a Honeyford autobiography.


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