I Told You So Department—Chandler Rapist May Be Illegal Alien
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Recently I gave a stern lecture to the Chandler City Police about enforcing immigration laws. It's always nice to be able to say, "see, I told you so!".
Rob Sanchez told Community Services Director Mark Eynatten that the city's tennis courts need repairs. He also urged Police Chief Sherry Kiyler to enforce immigration laws.

"I don't want what happened in Phoenix to happen in Chandler ," he said, referring to immigration protests in front of a furniture store.

I spoke mostly to Chief Sherry Kiyler, and told her that there will be severe social consequences if the city continues to give illegal aliens sanctuary. I warned her that Chandler could explode like Phoenix , and that means that city police will be spending their days in riot gear to arbitrate protests between day laborers and those of us who demand that immigration laws be enforced. I told Kiyler that if she thinks the police have better things to do than to arbitrate protests and to arrest illegal alien criminals that commit serious crime, then they had better end the insane sanctuary policies of the city.

Now, the breaking story—the Chandler serial rapist may have been an illegal alien, and guess who broke the story? To see Kiyler in action go to this link.

See Police say they have the Chandler rapist and more news here.

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