I.T.Grunt shows: Americans can strike back
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Life of an I.T.Grunt has a wonderful blog up keyed off H-1B restrictions would choke US of talent: Premji The Times of India 30 May 2009.

”Premji” is Azim Premji, chairman of Wipro, one of the biggest Indian IT labor purveyors. He asserts in the article that Americans are too dumb to meet their county’s IT requirements; that India can easily retaliate; and that US companies hire Indians because they are cheap. (Note unusual language failure in The Times of India's headline.)

"It will choke the United States of talent coming in. You will not be able to substitute the absence of this talent with local hires because it's not easily available," Premji said….

Premji suggested the US must realize that today 60 to 70% of the growth of the revenues of large American companies comes from India and China.

"These are the growth markets. It's a simple thing for our government to raise tariffs. It's a simple thing for our government to say no American corporation will get central or state government contracts, or defence contracts," he warned.

Asked why IBM and Accenture were employing so many people in India, Premji said: "They like the low labour rates... the quality of the people, the willingness to work hard. They're not getting the people they need in the United States. That's the bottom line."

IT Grunt highlights some of the comments posted on the thread. They are highly illuminating and well worth reading — for one thing they reveal that some of the Indian serfs themselves are dubious about the process:

Rajiv,Delhi,says:Mr. Premji, Indians are reponsible for misusing these visas to the core. There are over half a million nonqualified Indian techies have been dumped in the US in last ten years, most of them are unemployable in a good company even in India… You guys should have thought it earlier that this fraud can not go forever.

Speaking English is a two-edged sword. I applaud those American Patriots who have posted on this thread. More of it should happen. We miss Carrie's Nation, a superb monitor of the Indian Media.

Great piece, I.T.Grunt.

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