"I'm All Broken Up About That Man's Rights", Part 187: Texas FINALLY Executes Man Who Wiped Out Entire Family
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Amnesty International director Steven W Hawkins says he mourns "all denied right to live."


Does this include Derrick Charles's late  girlfriend, Myiesha Bennett, 15; her late mother, Brenda Bennett, 44; and her late grandfather, Obie Lee Bennett, 77? He's the reason they're late. Charles  (pictured charlesderrick[1]right) wiped out an entire black family in Texas, with gruesome details seen in Murderpedia, which quotes a CBS report saying

Evidence showed the 77-year-old man was beaten with fists, a lamp and two trophies before he was strangled. Then Charles waited for more than three hours in the house for his girlfriend and her mother to return.

The teenager was strangled, beaten with stereo speakers and had a television dropped on her head. Her mother was put in a tub of water, then had a plugged-in TV thrown into the tub with her, then was dragged through the house, raped and strangled.

There's also a footnote to a 2005 judgement affirming Charles's conviction, which says
The record reflects that the victims lived together. Appellant came over to the victims' home and murdered Obie by strangling and beating him while Brenda and Myeshia were at church. When they returned home from church, appellant, who was waiting for them, bound them with electrical cord. Appellant killed Myeshia by beating her with a speaker and then dropping a television on her until she was dead. Appellant unsuccessfully attempted to electrocute Brenda in a bathtub. He then sexually assaulted her with a plunger and then strangled her.
You'll notice that CBS didn't want to put in the bit about "sexually assaulted her with a plunger"—people don't want to hear that during dinner.

All that happened on July 2, 2002, and he was arrested the next day, so it's clear that every day since about July 2, 2003 that he's been alive, a miscarriage of justice has been taking place.

That's thanks to people like Amnesty International for whom #blacklives only #matter when they're killed by the police or the criminal justice system, not when they're being murdered by people like the late (finally) Derrick Charles.

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