I Call Racial Stereotyping
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From a recent blog by a defense attorney who got a contract to train city employees (city unnamed) in avoiding sexual harassment. I found this amusing:
I’ve now completed the first day of training the employees of a local city to avoid sexual harassment, having made roughly 2 hour presentations to two groups of about 20 each.


1. Never try to explain the confluence of federal and state law to government employees before noon.

2. Apparently everyone in this city likes to go ”GIRL, you’re looking FINE, SHOW me!”, and then the other employee turns around in place, and the first one goes ”WOOOOOO!” It is probably impossible to break them of this, at least with the amount of time and the tools and use-of-force limits I am presented with.[Sexual Harassment Prevention Training AAR: Day One | Popehat]

This is stereotypical, but as usual, probably accurate. And of course, it's also true that different groups have different standards of what constitutes inappropriate behavior, which must lead to a lot of litigation.

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